Dear AROHO Women, 

If you have any pieces (poems, prose, anything) that are explicitly connected to Woolf, I would love to see them. I'm thinking that it would be good and right if the Waves book can have pieces like that at its turning points, reminders of its reigning spirit. If your Woolf piece is a bit longer than the original word limit (36 lines for poems, 500 words for everything else), please send it along anyway—I may be able to accommodate or ask permission to use it in part.

We'd also like to have a more general sense in the anthology of honoring the women who came before, that thinking through our mothers that Woolf speaks of. I'd like to include clusters of quotes: one from Woolf, one from another of our mothers, and one from one of us. So that the conversation goes backward and forward in time. As Maxine Hong Kingston said at Ghost Ranch ---
"In Chinese time, it’s circular – it’s not even circular, it can go backwards! It can go backwards, it can go forward. It goes all over the place, it looks more like an infinity sign, like that. So there is a myth that poets have that my reader will come a thousand years from now. . . . Poem can also reach reader born 1,000 years before the poem. . . . An act of love I do this morning saves a life on a far future battlefield. And the surprising love I feel that saves my life comes from a person whose soul, somehow corresponding with my soul, doing me a good deed 1,000 years ago."
So additionally, if you have a Woolf quote that has been important to you, or some words from a woman writer or teacher who has opened a way for you or held you and your work up when you needed it, I would love to hear those too. I'll choose the words of our part of the conversation out of the pieces of work you've already sent (with permission, of course). If you have something to submit, please submit it here, and spread the word if you can!

Other details:
  •  There is no fee to submit. 
  • Accepted pieces (full or excerpted) are unpaid. Contributors of original work receive two copies of the book upon publication.
  • You may submit multiple times and in multiple genres. Please, upload only one poem, essay, story, quote or image per submission.
  • There are no font or margin requirements, only word limits (500 for prose) and line limits (36 lines of poetry).
  • We accept Word docs, PDFs, JPGs, and TIFFs through Submittable only. No hard mail submissions will be accepted.
  • We will be in touch with applicants to update them about the selection process periodically.
We look forward to considering your work!
Diane Gilliam, Waves Editor
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