Do you wish to create an AROHO-inspired event which shares AROHO’s identity, resources, and stated purpose "to end the isolation of creative women"?

Simply submit your idea with a bullet point proposal outlining when, where, and how you’d seek to address each AROHO Gathering Principle:

  • Inclusive
  • Affordable
  • Holistic
  • Joyful
  • Excellent
  • Gatherings for Creative Women
  1. support/consultation from women within AROHO’s network
  1. the AROHO-Inspired Gathering Organizers Kit
  1. an AROHO web page describing their gathering
  1. AROHO-Inspired Gathering Calendar listing
  1. featured AROHO-Inspired gathering promotion in AROHO newsletters
  1. post-gathering support and website coverage
  1. and other perks
  1. publicly stating & displaying the AROHO-Inspired gathering purpose “to end the isolation of creative women”
  1. not holding or seeking independent nonprofit or for-profit status while actively organizing or holding an AI gathering
  1. meeting or exceeding all five AROHO Gathering Principles

AROHO-Inspired gathering creators will receive:

AROHO-Inspired gathering creators agree to fulfill AI gathering criteria by:

It’s important to note that AROHO does not provide funding for AROHO-Inspired or AROHO-Endorsed events, or act as an exhaustive Listing Service for events it hasn’t inspired or endorsed. All designations are entirely at the discretion of the AROHO Board of Directors and may be changed at any time.

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