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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Dear Friend,

We were collectively and individually moved by the overwhelming outpouring of support from the AROHO community in response to our first video message from the Board of Directors, the generous offers to lend a hand in this time of transition and re-imagining, and the deep commitment to the core values which AROHO represents. If you missed our first message, it is available for viewing here

As a monumental step forward in this re-imagining, we invited you to submit to the upcoming AROHO Waves anthology. Waves Editor and former Gift of Freedom recipient, Diane Gilliam says, "This is going to be a book like no one has ever seen before, featuring remarkable work from AROHO women that make that wave lift off the page and also in the reader's own writerly self...This book will work toward ending our isolation from each other, and will make our native wisdom and our power even more visible out in the culture at large."

Women writers and artists were invited to submit creative work of all kinds. We asked for new & established voices, published and unpublished work.

The August 1, 2016 Waves submission deadline has now passed and we are deep into your words and images. 

Recently, we've issued a new kind of Waves call. Please visit our website or follow the direct Submittable link for more details.


A Room of Her Own